‘Going Viral’ in 14 Stages


‘Going viral’ is the holy grail of today’s Social Media Marketer, more often than not content goes viral due to varying factors; celebrity endorsements and paid advertising – however not all campaigns have relied on heavy budgets or a celebrity guardian angel.

Here are my 14 top tips for preparing your content for ‘Going Viral’

1 – If something is compelling enough, people will share it. You can’t force people to share poor content. Creating compelling content starts with understanding your audience e.g. what drives the emotions of a 18-24yr old?

2 – Make sharing easy – are you using the standard social network share icons?

3 – Facebook drives the highest volumes of traffic of all current social networks

4 – If you want to be social, your content needs to be mobile friendly with 1 in 4 visitors using mobile devices.

5 – Be prepared for the traffic – check your site for common mistakes, spelling, grammar etc. A first impression is a lasting one!

6 – Remember the phrase ‘Less is More’ – a simple site is easily accessible.

7 – Leverage influencers/celebrities within your network – they already have an established and engaged network.

8 –  Attempt to use polarised subject lines e.g. ‘Coding should be taught at primary level

9 – Provide an embed code to your infographics to allow bloggers to repose effortlessly

10 – Hand out awards – The Golden Goody & Shorty awards have started to take off.

11 – Make it exclusive – if your offer is on multiple channels its likely to receive less engagement on each as opposed to being solely on one.

12 – Make it worthwhile – 5% won’t encourage visitors to action and share with friends… but 25% could well do so..

13 – Make it available for a limited time – because nothing worth having stays around for long

14 – All content must be FACTUAL because the internet is filled with misinformation.

Written by Nick Dereka – connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here



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