It’s not just the opposite sex that likes your #Selfies…


Having lived through the Social Media era as a late teenager and throughout my twenties posting and sharing multimedia online has become second nature, but we could be inadvertently providing sensitive and personal information according to experts.

Check the last tweet you composed, was the geo-tagging feature enabled?

Almost all smartphones can track you through GPS adding location data from satellites, meaning once enabled all your posts will collect and save the locations assigned to them. Furthermore, If employees share photos of their business travel online, sensitive information can be also be gained.

In California, USA, Arturo Galvan is accused of finding his 33 robbery victims through pictures they posted on Instagram. Using the geo-tagging feature, Arturo is accused of using the GPS coordinates to track where the victims live, with the idea of breaking into their properties and stealing the contents of their homes.

Owners of IoT devices should re-evaluate their apps and if they really need to know your location e.g Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I for one won’t be sharing my locations anytime soon (unless I am late for work and letting my MD know.)

Written by Nick Dereka – connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here

(Image: Peepso)


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