Common Social Media mistakes most likely to cost you a job


A recent social recruiting poll by Jobvite has highlighted what HR staff and recruitment agencies look for when checking your social media profiles.

According to the survey LinkedIn is clearly at the top of the tree with 79% of respondents confirming they have hired through the network; 26% through Facebook and 14% through broadcast medium Twitter.

Your Facebook posts may gain you kudos amongst your friends, but they could also cost you a job with 93% of HR and recruiters reviewing candidates social footprint before making a hiring decision. Social reviews are becoming a standard practice with 55% reconsidering shortlisted job seekers based on the content they find, with a staggering 61% of these reviews reflecting negatively on the applicant.

According to the survey the worst things job seekers can do include:

  • Make any kind of reference to illegal substances
  • Updates/Posts filled sexual references
  • Updates/Posts filled with profanity
  • Updates/Posts containing illegal weapons
  • Photos/Albums containing an excessive drinking culture

You may be thinking you are too socially savvy to fall prey to the above faux pas (to which I salute your maturity) however 66% of HR and recruitment agencies also stated they would hold poor spelling and grammar against a job seeker. Another key finding highlighted 1 in 6 recruiters found political affiliation a potential negative.

Social profiles should not be deleted based on the above, the survey also said that information about volunteering and donations to charity left 65% of HR and recruitment agencies with a positive impression of the job seeker.

Other positive qualities HR and recruitment agencies look for include:

  • Professional experience
  • Mutual connections
  • Examples of previous work / Portfolio’s
  • Recommendations
  • Cultural Fit

No matter what social platform you inhabit the message for job seekers is clear, do not post anything you wouldn’t want your current or future employer to see. Make sure you check your social profiles privacy settings on a regular basis as these change frequently and remember just because your social profile(s) haven’t hurt you yet – this doesn’t mean they won’t.

Written by Nick Dereka – connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here

(Image: EcclesEnterprises)


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