How To Stand Out When Applying For A Job


With thousands of graduates fighting to fill limited job vacancies, the emphasis on standing out from the crowd is at its peak.

Here are 3 simple ways to stand out during the hiring process.

1 – If you have studied in a subject that is not directly related to the job you are applying for, a cover letter is a great way of highlighting why you think you are a great fit and why you want the role on offer.

A hiring manager is looking for you to highlight your background, three key requirements the business is looking for and what your direct experience or qualifications in those areas may be.


2 – What does your CV say about your previous employers compared with your current employer – are they the ‘market leaders’ but isn’t your current employer?

Tone down how amazing your previous employers may be (unless they really need emphasis to aid your job application).

3 – Become a Specialist

If you feel you are a swiss army knife (with many skills) I would suggest identifying the top 5 skills sets you need for the job application. Highlighting your abilities and achievements. E.g If you’re applying for an SEO role, your flair bartending skills won’t excite the hiring manager.

Think about how these skills make you employable and quantify your track record of success in these skills to make the hiring managers decision easy when highlighting your application as one of interest.

Do you have any of your own tips that have helped you stand out when applying for a job? I’d love to hear them!

Written by Nick Dereka – connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here

(Photograph: NetWithTheBest)


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