Become a Social Media LEGEND in 2017…


A first impression is a lasting impression and your social media presence can seriously hinder or assist you in achieving your goals.

So, stop moaning, stop bragging, stop the nudes – here are a few rules to becoming a social media legend in 2017.

We are now living in a digital age where we being a gentleman or ‘top fella’ quite simply isn’t enough – you need to have a strong presence online to be #winning.

Social Media Rule #1 – Think Funny -Fast

Social media allows us to comment on events, products, reviews pretty much anything and in real time which gives you a stage to be jovial. Memes are always a good start to gauging an audience interest.

Social Media Rule #2 – Stop friend requesting randoms on Facebook

Simply put, it is weird… Facebook really is a no-go area for pulling but don’t worry, there are plenty of other social media channels to display your sensitivity, humour and creativity like twitter, Instagram or Tumblr.

Social Media Rule #3 – Photo posting no/no’s

It really is time to stop posting images that make you look like a total douche; here is a list of photos you should NOT be posting in 2017

The infamous Duck Pout
The gun finger pose

The selfie stick selfie… (how tall are you?!)

Selfies in bed

Snapchat Filters (leave them on Snapchat!)

Any filters… reflect the real you

The gym selfie (Ok I’m guilty of this one…)

Social Media Rule #4 – Leave your moaning on Facebook

Let’s face it, everyone has a bad day every now and then and sometimes the urge to vent overcomes us. To keep it simple if you need to vent about your ex/dog/job/boss/bus driver/friend/episode of Eastenders keep it on Facebook and turn it into a witty blog.

If you start moaning on Twitter your followers will fall quicker than Humpty Dumpty did off the wall; however a shrewd operator would create a blog on Tumblr to showcase their humour to the world.

Now you know the basic etiquette of social media, what is stopping you from becoming a Social Media legend in 2017…

Written by Nick Dereka – connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here


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