Some of the worst Social Media tips I have received, read or overheard…


The continual evolution of the marketing sector is something I have always found interesting and with ever-popular social networks taking centre stage I have performed my fair share of research throughout the last decade to keep updated and abreast of all changes digital.

Below are some of the most useless, crazy and outrageously pointless social media tips I have received:

1 – ‘We should be on ALL the social networks, I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat…’

When I first heard this statement I was blown away by the individual’s enthusiasm, however the fact of the matter is this – quality beats quantity hands down, every day of the week.

Your businesses digital marketing strategy should reflect this, SME’s should look to successful global brands for social media inspiration but shouldn’t aim to inhabit as many social networks, why? Because the main aim of any marketing professional is to be able to target a specific demographic and social networks allow us to do such magic.

I am not advising you or your business to stick to one network but as the age old saying goes… let us crawl before we walk

2 – ‘Shouldn’t we be sending 10 tweets a day and posting on Facebook at least 5 times weekly?’

The beauty of social media is it allows businesses to be heard and engage with an audience they may not have previously been able to locate.

The problem lies here – with so much information users choose what they wish to see, think about your own social channels, which news providers, brands, celebrities, sports stars do you follow? but more importantly which accounts have you followed previously but do not anymore due to poorly curate content, lack of continuity or non-relevant information?

Even in the digital world – less is more!

Spend time creating a realistic activity schedule, one you can keep to and something you’re proud to promote. Poor content and lots of it will prevent you from achieving your goals and earn you a ‘block badge’ by numerous potential followers.

3 – ‘Don’t spend so much time personalising our Social output, Automation will be fine!’

Personally, I don’t like listening to voicemail messages – the idea of listening to a pre-scripted and non-personal message seems so cold and so 1980….how would you feel about receiving a generic and neutral birthday card from a family member?

Social Media allows businesses to get closer to their user/fan base by providing a ‘face’ or ‘tone of voice’ that promotes their user/fans to engage with the brand and promote accordingly.

I should state that not all automation is bad as some of my favourite tools in my social media arsenal provide a fantastic automated service and allows me to spend time on other facets of my social campaigns but as a whole stay personal and try to avoid generic automated messages/campaigns.

4 – ‘Lets crack on, strategy and glossy campaigns can wait – let’s get our name out there!’

A first impression is a lasting impression and social mediums are no different to this age old rule.

I strongly suggest planning your first post/campaign (view my previous article about becoming a Social Media Legend in 2017) aligning it to your business objectives allowing you to measure your success. Currently there are no top secret equations to gaining social media success or to making a post go viral (see making your content go viral in 14 steps) but being strategic in your planning and providing your fledgling social media audience with one clear and concise call to action could make all the difference in gaining more registrations, web traffic or sales leads online.

5 – ‘Social Media is all about selling’

The clue really is in the name – SOCIAL  (View my previous blog on the 3 stages of Social Media Maturity)

Think of Social Media as the dating game, if you take an individual out on a date and it goes well they will expect you to continue your efforts, so if you don’t call/text or arrange another date they will quickly lose interest and you won’t be able to wine and dine them again… – the same goes for Social Networks.

If you share specific content at specific times you will start to build an audience but be careful, how many of the social profiles that you follow aggressively sell to their audience? That’s right none…

The SME social media equation is something I highlight to all my clients – simply put your output on Social Media should be 60% industry shares, 30% own content and 10% direct calls to action

However once delving into the world of content, remember simple changes to your topic, the tone of voice or scheduled post times can make a huge difference to the engagement of your audience.

6 – ‘Facebook is my private network for my friends and family only’

This is an interesting one… when we first created our Facebook profile it was anything but private, the details added to accounts included name, location, age, employer, likes etc. for all to see, engage and influence.

If you are one of these Facebook users that have listed their employer on their profile, what is stopping you from becoming a brand advocate?
Do you like/share/comment on your employers online content or are you too concerned that other external users might see your personal posts on Facebook?

My advice to you is this – if you want to keep things personal I wouldn’t suggest sharing them on Social Networks, obvious I know but your Facebook network is one you have a high level of influence over and if you are able to monetise this what is stopping you?

Written by Nick Dereka – connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here



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