This Is Why You’ve Been Using Twitter All #Wrong


Have You Met My Friend – Twitter?

Before you can conquer anything in life it is important to understand what it is and how it works.

Anyone with a Twitter account can post a tweet for the Twitterverse to view, but If that was all Twitter had to offer it wouldn’t be as popular as it is today.

Twitter users can follow their favourite brands, celebrities, sporting stars, news mediums, friends, randoms; they can also reply to other people’s tweets. These real-time interactions are what makes Twitter unique.

Twitter has become one of the most important social channels for businesses allowing them to communicate on a global scale with their customers and potential customers.

Twitter was the first Social Network that successfully utilised the hashtag (#) as a primary identifier in tweets/conversations. The # allows users to search for relevant or topical content quickly. (Discover more in The (almost) A-Z of Social Media)

Businesses/Brands/Celebrities often use their accounts in a variety of ways from brand awareness, product announcements, special promotions, press releases, competitions etc.

The Tweet Taste of Success

Individuals and Businesses that have success with Twitter share information/opinion/entertainment in a variety of ways: –

– Posting links to an interesting news story, research, meme etc.
– Ask questions to discover what their followers are interested in or motivated by.
– Follow other Twitter accounts and engage in conversations with like-minded users.
– Login and use Twitter frequently.

You can find out more by reading The Three Stages of Social Media Maturity

The Twitter Equation

Although not a definitive fact, success on Twitter can be heavily attributed to the content you share and your accounts online presence. Therefore I strongly recommend following the below Twitter/100% Equation:

60% industry shares
30% own content
10% direct calls to action

Discover, Consumer, Tweet + Repeat

If you want to use your Twitter account to its full capability (and don’t we all…) I suggest using your Twitter account as a research aid as there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of tweets with links and content for you to consume and comes with a purpose built audience that are ready to answer questions. (Why stop at Twitter – isn’t it time You Became A Social Media Legend)

Hopefully the above has given you a different perspective on how you are currently using your Twitter account(s), if you have any of your own advice or success stories I’d love to hear them and welcome your comments and links in the section below.


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