Why isn’t my content going viral?


I read somewhere that Social Media posts with a relevant image gain 94% more views than those without and get 35% more retweets and it makes perfect sense. Images are the most linkable content as they engage and stimulate the brain to ask questions and even solve the problems created from said content – and that got me thinking…

What are the characteristics of linkable content? 

After reading the same articles from numerous self proclaimed Social Media guru’s, Ninja’s and Digital Douchébags to be:

Blog posts
White papers

What the reasons people share links/content?

And again after reading further recycled social media ‘news’ I can confirm them to be:

Unique Imagery/Video
Collaboration (content that has featured others)
Original Research
Original Data
They are expert opinions in a said subject
They are quotes from experts in a said subject
They are from reputable Brands/Sites/Publishers

Notice the lack of obvious hard selling techniques? Thats because TRUST is the currency of the internet and once you’ve obtained your audiences trust, the sales will start to flow.

Luckily for you, you haven’t had to swerve the awful clichés, memes that were briefly popular back in 2010 and self promoting jargon I consumed to provide you the above. If you want to laugh Here are some of the worst Social Media tips I have received, read or overheard…

All I ask is for a little like, retweet or share if you enjoyed the content.

#SocialGang #WTMW



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